How to Make Weeknight Dinner with Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese

How to Make Weeknight Dinner with Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese

How to Make Weeknight Dinner with Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese I am in the taste made kitchen it is so colorful bright and beautiful. but I am partnering with Stouffer’s to bring you a delicious and nutritious Well-balanced meal. I’m gonna be showing you how to make curry breaded chicken tenders garlic parmesan roasted veggies and a creamy Stouffer’s mac and cheese. if you guys love easy weeknight meals be sure to give and we’ll go ahead and get started. I am starting with my Stouffer’s mac and cheese you guys know as a new mom. I have been super busy with the baby, so I fully embrace Anything that makes my life a little bit easier. So I wanted to tell you guys about the Nestle balance your plate program. It’s basically an educational program that teaches people to create nutritious meals using both frozen and fresh food. degrees for 75 minutes Alright guys. now that our mac and cheese is in the oven. I am going to start prepping our veggies here I have a whole head of cauliflower that I’m just gonna be using half of and I’m just gonna be chopping it into large florets. I’m just gonna core the middle separate them all so you want to have about two cups here And I’m using this beautiful broccolini.

How to Make Weeknight Dinner with Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese I have four cloves of garlic that I’m just gonna mince up And you don’t want super fine Hopefully minced garlic because it’ll burn when you bake them. You roast them in the oven it’ll just kind of caramelizes giving you this really sweet garlicky flavor. It’s gonna be so good Now I have half a cup of parmesan here And I’m just gonna use a quarter cup for now because we’re gonna add it in the end to give it that really cheesy flavor and To give it some freshness the juice from half a lemon. I like to roll my lemon to really release the juice inside all right this looks good and Finally just a little bit of salt and pepper Mix it all around just to distribute all our seasonings And then I’ll go in with a nice drizzle of olive oil Beautiful give it another toss from here. I’ll just add my veggies onto my baking dish that I’ve already lined with parchment paper Whenever you’re roasting veggies be sure to give it enough room. So that they don’t overcrowd When they overcrowd they tend to steam And they don’t roast as well and Brown. so I like just kind of spreading it out with my tongs like this perfect this looks good And it’s ready to go into the oven. so while our veggies are roasting and our mac and cheese are cooking. I am gonna work on our coconut dipping sauce for the chicken tenders. I’m gonna start with half a cup of coconut cream and then to that I’m just adding in two teaspoons of Dijon mustard To give it a little bit of a tang two teaspoons of soy sauce to give it that savory flavor. And then I’m gonna squeeze in about one tablespoon of lime juice some honey for sweetness. This will balance everything out a pinch of salt Some fresh cracked pepper.

How to Make Weeknight Dinner with Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese I like adding in some cilantro because it just pairs so well with coconut cream Perfect Add it in and then with my whisk. I’ll just go in and mix it vigorously until. it’s a nice thick sauce and our sauce is done. Let me give it a quick taste It is perfect. I’m gonna go ahead and set this aside while. I show you guys how to make the chicken tenders So here we have our chicken, and then I have my materials to make the breading here I have some all-purpose flour and I’ll just add a little bit of salt to there for some seasoning some fresh cracked pepper mix everything up And then I need my eggs because they’re gonna act as a glue for the flour I’m using three eggs here. Just make sure everything is scrambled together evenly and Finally, I have some panko.¬† in at the end so here. I have a pan of avocado oil I’m just gonna heat it up. I’m gonna work on my chicken and first. The flour acts as a moisture barrier as you cook it and then We’ll toss it into the egg mixture the egg will act as our glue to hold I just grab a few of the panko, and then I just toss it in and look How it kind of rises to the top and kind of bubbles our oil is ready? I’m just gonna add my chicken Gently.

So it doesn’t splatter everywhere And I’m just gonna cook it on each side for about three to four minutes until it’s old and brown All right It’s been three. Look how gorgeous that color is so now I’m just gonna flip it over and cook it for another three to four minutes until it achieves the same Color another option. if you guys don’t want to pan fry the chicken is you can absolutely bake them off in the oven at 375 for about 15 to 20 minutes until it reaches. this nice golden brown color as well all right guys. I think it’s ready. It looks so good and it smells amazing.¬†Juice just to freshen everything up And then we’re gonna add a little bit more Parmesan cheese. I’m just gonna toss it up All right, I’m going to show you guys how to build a very balanced palate. I’m gonna start with our protein Of course serve our veggies because we have to eat our greens nice helping here and Finally our mac and cheese. I remember the first Thanksgiving without my sister It was just me and my parents And they didn’t want to cook full Thanksgiving meals so we went out and just got like a rotisserie chicken. And I wanted mac and cheese with the meal so of course, I got the Stouffer’s mac and cheese, and I love that it has real cheddar cheese butter and fresh pasta So I feel really good serving this there you have it guys our balance plate I have to include my coconut dipping sauce as well Let me know if you guys give this recipe a try it’s super easy and it’s perfect for a weekday family meal.

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