How to Make Strawberry Peach Pie

How to Make Strawberry Peach Pie

How to Make Strawberry Peach Pie those two you know that combination is gonna be right! We getting ready to turn this into something nice and beautiful. I don’t know if you guys ever been strawberry shortcake. before but if you had this is gonna be just as easy as that so I don’t want to over talk it. you want to break right into that’s taking the mystery out of cooking and simplifying. these recipes and with that being said let’s get it okay look first thing. we’re gonna do is we’ll get some water running and then what we gonna do is just rinse. these off it’s nice and clean all right after you get through rinsing off your peaches. you want to just go ahead and just dry them get yourself a paper towel just dry them and the next we are going to just repeat. the same process for what you saw here okay the first thing. you want to do is take it to make sure you get yourself a sharp knife just go around like this now listen. you want to be really careful right here I see that you know when you’ relooking at it right now. it’s like I’m cutting towards the palm of my hand you want to be you know extremely careful. I probably should have positioned my hand you know a little bit better than that you know something. I don’t just accidentally slip into it myself. but you know what I was trying to treat it like it was an avocado. but what you want to do is stick your thumbs in between where you and cut it and then just.

You know very delicate delicately you know just separate them take the seed out which got the seed out and go ahead and just cut yourself some slices after you finish no slicing your peaches and go ahead and let’s move on over to our strawberries what you want to do you just want to cut. the top you want to cut off the green the greenery after you cut that as you can see right. there then I just go ahead and cut them in half now it depends on how big your strawberries are some of the bigger ones. I cut the halves and the halves so you end up with just forced by individual slices okay look now we just get ready to go hit. it now you see this a half a cup of white sugar we just wonder. this is what takes us back right here you want to know what’s going to draw. if you know the juices out and that sweet goodness right here nice tears sugar right there and then after. this we’re gonna come back with 1/3 cup of brown sugar what we want to do is just coat it and then we gonna let. up for a little while I’m gonna say we gonna go ahead. I don’t know for maybe a couple of hours we just wanted to you know bring everything up then we’re gonna mix that up now let me go ahead and get the brown sugar. now we’ll come with a third cup of brown sugar than we just want to go ahead we’re gonna be careful with it you donat want to you know this fruit Jennifer. we just want to make sure we got it to stir it around make sure it’s all coated. there it is what we’re gonna do is I’m just gonna cover this and let’s just sit up I’ll put it in the refrigerator and let it sit for about two hours.

How to Make Strawberry Peach Pie I actually ended up after I covered them. I let them sit in the refrigerator for four hours and then when they were done what you’re looking at that’s actually four hours worth of us sitting in the train look next thing the Cordelia. I’ll get ready to use these unpeeled those peels berry pie crusts listen. it’s true coming here in the buff this right here’s what I call it on a time-saver so when you go ahead pull this off. I’m gonna hash you look when you pull this out just keep going output the other one back in the refrigerator. because it’s the best handle you know others cheer you I don’t know how long it’s gonna take you guys to do. it so I got to put this one back in the refrigerator once you got to spread out if you got any tears. you can kind of like just mash it and it’s like dope take. you back your child their days of play-doh this is very simple and that’s the easy part. I mean to be honest with you is all easy look we’re just gonna put it here once we got it in the middle we just won’t work it. we just won’t start stretching it and again don’t worry. if you got any tears there’s no problem all you got to do is like just squeeze it together you know. I need it to get it to come right back in the form just be working. it around like this and you want to make sure this and it pushes all the way into the corner so I use my thumbs let me get like this so you can see. I just take my thumb to go like that you bar just like that anywhere you see it might be a little thin just move.

The door around you know take your finger you just want to get it. so just not so thin and before you guys have this one knock all pre-baked is if you want a pre-baked that you can put it in. the oven at 200 degrees for about you know about 10 to 15minutes just to get a little pre-baked on it all right. now we get ready to add our filling now you’re ready to take 4 tablespoons of butter. I’ll get ready to melt that there we gonna have some another extract and then we’re gonna go ahead and we don’t put it inside of here. we all mix it up and then we’re gonna get to our pie crust and after you melted your butter go ahead and add your vanilla extract just one teaspoon to its cheese phone to it just. you know to mix it up real good then go ahead and add. it together you know your pie filling look if you notice remember. I told you I put mine ina refrigerator and it’s at for four hours. so it’s nice and chilled by adding that hot you know melted butter you can see right. there where the butter starts to take his regular you know farm. so don’t say that’s all good that’s just that buttery goodness you know that goes along with it after that once. you wonder what you want to do is it’s going to take your pie filling your pizzas and your strawberries and just go ahead and just start filling your pie and notice. I used a spoon that was hold because it didn’t make a difference.

whether I drain you know some of the liquid or not because you want to need to put a little bit of the liquid in there just sort of you know they help form the pie after that now it’s time to go ahead and get you to let your remaining pie crust go ahead and open that up and listen you can right. here you can go with a lattice top you can cut those in strips or you can go home and if you saw the thumbnail or a picture of whatever you can see. I just went ahead made it home like this and then just cut a design into it now once you got. your pie crust on the top what you want to do is on the edges the edge of the top and the edge of the bottom crust what you want to do is you like to mash them together can you want to make like some sort of design. this was like mud you know to me this was like top-notch, not quite the best at this you guys can like figure it out you know and learn as you go. but you want to do something of that nature right there now what I did was I just took a knife and just cut some vent holes in it in a pattern. so they did with you know halfway you look nice after that you want to go ahead and you know what we’re gonna go ahead and use I use this time.

How to Make Strawberry Peach Pie I use the egg wash just scramble today you know got me a brush and then brush it on top and you know what. after I was looking at it I went ahead and took a napkin and kind of likewise off some of the excesses you know puddles I like to eat and I want you guys to let me know down in the comment section below if you like egg wash or do you want to use melted butter on the top to help it brown all right now you should pre-heat your oven at 350 degrees for one hour and after you’ve done this is what you have right here you go you guys strawberry peach pie at its finest so tell me what you guys think about that they’re super easy huh listen. I love peaches and I like strawberries so why not combine the two and this is what we got hey I want you guys to let me know down in the comment section below and tell me what’s your favorite go-to you know fruit pie hey what’s that mean to see it.

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