How to Make Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread with about 2 and a half cups of you can use any flour here, red fife is kind of our favourite but you can use spelt flour, whole wheat flour, any flour would work. So 2 and a half cups, we’re going to do this in a food processor, but you can definitely do this by hand as well. Chestnuts, if you’re roasting them, they’re fantastic. I haven’t, I honestly didn’t like the quality of the ones I’ve seen so far, so I’m going to wait a little longer, but in a pinch, they have these vac-packed ones, they’re already done, they’re really good. They’re about a buck. You don’t have to do the roasting step. The smell, the smell of roasted chestnuts, and we will do them, just because it’s traditional and it smells fantastic and, but if we’re making gingerbread I’m not going to waste time roasting chestnuts. So about a cup of chestnuts, whole, in there, done. Chestnuts are a nut, but they’re actually rather low in fat and high in fibre, so they don’t have the same nutritional components as some of the other nuts, so you can have more of them, whereas with other nuts we say, go for a little handful, just because the fat and the calories can add up fast. A little baking powder, so about 2 teaspoons. We’re going to add some, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, that’s all I’m going to add. You can go nutmeg, clove, crazy with it, but I’m going to go heavy on the ginger here because it’s gingerbread. This is our sugar we’re going to use, this is actually coconut sugar, and I’m not asking you to go out and find coconut sugar.

These aren’t going to be as sweet, so you know you can use whatever you want, you can even use maple syrup, you can use brown sugar, but I mean coconut sugar is a little less, I think its less refined? Is that what it is? And it’s got a really nice sort of malty flavour, works, which works really well with gingerbread. So half a cup in there. So all of our dry ingredients. Food processor, pulse it just until it breaks up the chestnuts. And even if you get some chunks of chestnuts that are actually really good too, so. Ok, done. Sorry ingredients are done. Wet ingredients. This is pretty simple. 2 eggs, these are actually really nice eggs, nice and yellow. This guy here which, does anyone know what this, you can probably tell by just doing this what ingredient this is.Molasses. Molasses! Molasses. This is sort of, I think a key to gingerbread. That you don’t actually find in a lot of store-bought too but –This is in the classic recipe, you have to have molasses. Yeah molasses, really really nice. That’s it, mix it through and now our dry. – Goslow, take your time, but we don’t have time! And mix it through. Just until everything sort of, starts to come together. And what you’re doing is you want to build, sort of a ball of dough. That is slightly tacky and shiny but it shouldn’t be wet. So if you need a little bit more of the flour, you can definitely add a little bit more. So you want it on the dryer side compared to another type of dough. Yeah, it’s, it’s not like a batter, it should resemble cookie dough, so.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread You’ll probably have to abandon the spatula at some point. You can actually probably even put this back in the food processor, mix it around. But knead it a few times. Do it on a cutting board or if you have a big bowl here. Just until you incorporate all that flour, and you can sort of seeing it start to come together. So if you didn’t put the molasses you wouldn’t that colour. No I mean if you had brown sugar or you know that coconut sugar, you get a little bit of that colour but it definitely comes all from that molasses. And the molasses really gives it, it’s the ginger, but when you eat a proper gingerbread cookie it’s the molasses as well that you’re tasting. That’s very distinct. And so, that’s pretty much it, like I’m going to go a little bit more, just to incorporate the rest of that flour. But this is what you want, this is a nice, cookie dough, that it’s, it’s wet, but it’s not sticking to my hands. Like if Ido this it’s not coming off right? So that’s perfect. So this, we’re going to flatten to, baking sheet, parchment. And we’re doing a spin, we didn’t want to do just gingerbread cookies, so we’re making biscottis. Gingerbread chestnut biscottis. Yeah, but you can cut these out into gingerbread as well. If you want the little shapes. And just cook it once, that would be your gingerbread. Biscotti, is cooked how many times? Twice, you got it. So biscotti means cooked twice. So, that’s going to, flatten it out, that’s what I’m going to do, but you can do it any shape. It’s going to come out looking pretty much exactly the same, then you’re going to slice it, into your biscotti, and separate them.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread So the idea is you want to sort of that moisture to evaporate, and then lower the heat to 350 – 300, so now even lower and then put them back in to finish for, I don’t know why I was spinning like that, but to finish, for about 10 minutes,10-15 minutes. And that’s what gives you, that really nice biscotti crunch. So we’ve got a bunch here that we did before, so I’ll grab a couple, but that, that’s what you’ relooking at right now and if you like it a little softer, don’t do that second bake, or only do that second bake for about 5 minutes, just until it gets nice and crunchy. I don like them where they’re rock hard, you’re going to chip some of your teeth. So I kind of halfway, so still crunchy but it, it has a nice little –Bends to it – A little bit of flex, a little bit of flex to it. So that’s beautiful, fantastic on its own, but Christy’s like no that’snot enough, we need hot chocolate. We need hot chocolate! Alright, so this is – So you dip biscotti? That’s right, you can’t have biscotti without a beverage, a hot beverage to dip into. So this is a really really simple hot chocolate. So we have one litre of, I’m going classic, milk. You can use almond milk, I actually made one with almond milk too, taste great, fantastic, so one litre. Bring it up to a, not even a simmer, so I don’t want to see it bubbling, so this is medium heat, can you see it kind of steaming a little bit? So that’s it, it’s ready, it’s done. We’re going to add, 3 dates.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread I know it seems weird, but I want this hot chocolate to be, sort of rich and creamy. Most hot chocolate that you buy, even a lot of recipes that I’ve seen out there, to get that sort of thick consistency, they add cornstarch. Or a thickener, like a xanthan, some sort of gum, thickener. I mean you can add cornstarch but dates area much tastier ingredient than cornstarch and it’s –You’re getting some natural sweetness in there. Exactly. And you’re getting some of the fibre from the dates as well. So it’s always a good thing if you can go for a whole food in a recipe and you’re going to get some nutritional benefits from it. Cocoa powder, quarter cup, that’s going to go in, as soon as it starts simmering. And then our dark chocolate, obviously. Try to find your 70% or more, if you can handle it with your dark chocolate. You’re going to get more polyphenol content there, which is the antioxidant that we find in chocolate, that may help to lower risk of heart disease. And you can kind of just crush it up. I’m just throwing it all in here. And it’s, you want about half a cup. This is a litre, so this is like four, 1 cup servings. So that you know, it’s pretty, it’s not like you’re eating this entire chocolate bar yourself. And you can even serve, you can probably even do, especially if you’re at a party, you can even do like a small kind of, a half cup or a quarter cup serving of hot chocolate. But this is pretty much it. Whisk, whisk it through for about a minute, and then buzz it up with a blender. We want to break up those dates, and it’s going to make it really really nice and rich and creamy.

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