How to Make Hemp and Coconut Chai Latte

How to Make Hemp and Coconut Chai Latte

How to Make Hemp and Coconut Chai Latte Today I’m going to show you how to make a chai tea latte. Actually I’m gonna show you how to make a chai tea concentrate, that will make into a latte featuring Prima! If you don’t know what Prima is, it’s a CBD powder. So I’m using Brian Fuel; they also have a rest and a balance. But I’m making this into a chai tea which has caffeine in it, so I want this to sort of perking me up in the middle of the day or at the beginning of the day. It also has great things in it like ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and lion’s mane; so it’s not just CBD, it’s got some other cool sneaky things in it, which It’snot What if I really just always had a knapsack. I have a purse, but I don’t want to keep the oil my purse; so this is very convenient, and like I said it dissolves very quickly. Let’s get started on this recipe. This makes ten servings. So you can keep in a jar or bottle in your fridge and use it all week long, or ten days long you, know what I mean? I’m also adding peppercorns for that nice spice, and star anise – which are so pretty, ground allspice, and ground nutmeg. Also adding cinnamon sticks; I have four and I move this aside and I’m adding fresh ginger. I know I’m using powdered of everything else, I love fresh ginger; it has a great spice to it. But if you can find it, you can use ground ginger as well. I’m just cutting off the skin and then I want to cut this into a couple of pieces; so it looks like that maybe five pieces. I love fresh ginger – spicy, warm, delicious.

Okay so chai tea, I’m adding toasted coconut because I want this to be a toasted coconut chai tea latte. I want to be super extra; so coconut chips that I’ve toasted, and then five cups of filtered water, and like I said this makes ten servings and keeps in your fridge like for at least two weeks. Alrighty so this portion needs to be steeped, so let’s go over the stove – show you how this all comes together. Alright so pot on the stove turns on to about medium this will come to a gentle simmer. You could use honey, but I’m keeping this vegan, and then add in your teabags. I don’t want them to become bitter, I don’t want them to steep too long. So simmer and turn off the heat, maple syrup, tea bags, steep for only three to four minutes and then remove the teabags. The longer they sit the stronger this will be, and also the more chance it can become bitter, that’s my story now let’s watch water boil. Okay, this has come to a simmer, so now I’m gonna add in half a cup of maple syrup. If you like it a little sweeter you could add more, if you like it a little less sweet, don’t add as much. I think, you know, these spices can be a little bitter sometimes, so it just needed some sweetener. So add that in and then I’m gonna turn off the heat, and add in ten teabags, and I’m using black tea. Set your timer for three to four minutes, and then we’ll remove them. Alrighty I’m back my chai concentrate has cooled down, I’ve removed the teabags after three to four minutes – can’t stress that enough. Keep saying that over and over again.

How to Make Hemp and Coconut Chai Latte So this is cooled down, just at room temp so everything steeps together. So I have this beautiful decanter. You can put it in a jar in a container, whatever you want to keep it in the fridge, but you need to strain it. It’s just insane, let’s do it! I have a fine-mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth, or you could use a coffee filter if you don’t have cheesecloth and we’re gonna strip. We’re gonna strain it. Okay, all right, come on, okay there we go…beautiful, professional. I want to make sure it catches all of the spices, the ginger. Does it look like really weak coffee? It’s really strong chai. Oh, those came out dead last. Alrighty so that’s gonna strain; you got three hours to kill, just start straining. Okay perfect, done. So strained now that it’s cooled down, I’m gonna add my vanilla extract, why am I waiting? So it doesn’t dissipate while it cooks. I want that strong flavor. Why is everything working against me today! You know with this tool, it’s both sides you use so you know what I mean? Flip it. Flip it! Let’s make our latte. If you want to keep it hot, pour half a cup in a small pot and bring to a simmer and then make it. But I’m gonna make mine iced because that’s what I’m feeling. So I need half a cup – half a cup is one serving – it smells so good! I can smell it – cinnamon cloves, the allspice, ginger, and that color is beautiful. Alrighty. I’m also gonna add one tablespoon of maple syrup. If you don’t want it you know too sweet, you don have to add you – oh it went bloop. You don’t have to add this; and then I am using Primas Brain Fuel because it has vitality, focus, energy.

It’ll give me hope for all of those things. I’m gonna have it in the morning or the afternoon as a pick-me-up, but if you want it at the end of the day, they have other options as well. I’m gonna wake up. Alright – jar and you want to add this to cold liquid, or warm to hot, you donat want it boiling. Shake it, this should only take around 10seconds to dissolve. It dissolves pretty quickly, which is awesome. Yep, good good, good job – let’s do this. Oh my gosh, this looks so thick and creamy. That looks insane; there’s toasted coconut in the chai tea concentrate, so I’m kind of leaning into that coconut flavor, so that’s why I’m adding coconut milk and just stir it together. And make a mess. Oh my god, it just dripped on the side, but it looks so good! A great alternative to coffee. Mot a coffee fan – makes you a little too jittery like it does old Megan Mitchell? I have coffee, I’m like hey guys what’sup we going later!!! I can taste the cinnamon, the ginger, it’s lightly sweetened, it’s creamy from the coconut milk and the coconut chips. Gives it that subtle like coconut flavor. This is pretty out of sight guys, I hope you make this and Thrive Market carries all three kinds of Prima.

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