How to Make Cilantro Lime Rice

How to Make Cilantro Lime Rice

How to Make Cilantro Lime Rice cilantro and lime rice that’s very similar to the restaurant chains that you might be familiar with They stuff these in taco balls and they stuff it in burritos and in tacos and all sorts of things in between This is super easy to make at home. And the flavor is out of this world. Let’s go see how this all comes together Today we’re gonna be making some cilantro and lime rice if you guys have ever eaten at Chipotle or Mo’s or any number of that Mexican kind of cafeteria-style places They always have a cilantro and lime rice available taco filling or burrito filling or bowl filling You know this super delicious and it’s really easy to make at home We are gonna be having some chicken taco bowls for dinner tonight So we’re gonna be using this as the base for those and this is really simple What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna cook up your rice as you would for a pilaf only we’re not gonna be adding any pasta Just the rice. We’re gonna toast it up a little bit I have two cups of long grain rice here. This is just plain old-fashioned rice I have a medium onion that I have diced. I have about five cloves of garlic here But only three of them are gonna go in with the rice I have two tablespoons of butter and I have two tablespoons of oil. The rest of this oil is going in the cilantro lime Pesto that we’re going to dress the rice with the whole bunch of cilantro A quarter of a cup of olive oil to go into that Pesto along with the juice and zest of two limes now I just went ahead and put the zest right on in there with the juice because it’s a lot easier to get out of the container that way and Then we have four cups of vegetable stock You can use chicken stock or water if you prefer With our rice and then I have some salt this is gonna go in with the rice It’s gonna go in with the pesto part and then everything is gonna come together and it’s gonna be really delicious.

So I’m gonna go get the induction burner in the pan and we’re gonna start by Sauteing off the onions and getting the rice going All right And I got the butter and the oil in the pan nice and melty and I tossed in the onion and the garlic and it took about three minutes to get to this stage right here I have this over medium heat and now just like you would if you were gonna be making rice pilaf we’re gonna go ahead and get the rice in here and toast it off really well just so it has every grain is coated in that oil and butter and it starts to take on a little bit of brown doneness not like you don’t want this to be like super brown and you don’t want it to Burn for sure. So just keep stirring around in here until it has a slightly nutty aroma and that’s when you know It’ll be time to add the liquid and when that happens I’ll be back and I’ll show you what happens next Okay, it is just about time to add our stock and you can see here and here the rice is beginning to Caramelize or brown if you will and You don’t want all of it to be completely Brown The whole purpose here is just to prep the rice to receive the liquid kind of bring it up to temperature and it helps This is gonna help the cooking process because it’s gonna help you avoid sticky rice these Grains of rice are going to be fluffy and separate because they’re coated with all that good oil Okay, so we’re gonna slowly and Rick you’re want to look back up a little because you’re gonna steam up Add the liquid a little bit at a time just kind of prime your pan there and then you can add the remainder. So There are four cups of vegetable stock.

How to Make Cilantro Lime Rice As I said, you can use chicken stock. You can use water if that’s what you have No worries. I just found this great veggie stock and I wanted to use it Now we’re gonna do is bring this up to a boil and then when it’s come to a boil we’re gonna put the lid on we’re going to reduce this to medium heat and then we’re gonna let this cook for 20 minutes or until the surface of the cooked rice is dimpled and the majority of the liquid has been absorbed now you can see this already is already bubbling I’m telling you what this induction burner is the bomb. Okay, I’m gonna put a lid on it. I’m gonna reduce my temperature Medium and then we’ll let it do its deal move back when it’s ready and we’ll go make the pesto Our rice has cooked for 20 minutes and it is now gonna steam for about 15 minutes while that’s happening We’re gonna make the cilantro lime pesto that we’re gonna dress the rice with and that’s when the magic happens When we mix them all together and we create this delicious cilantro-lime rice So what you’re gonna start off with is a small bunch of cilantro. You can even throw the stems in there The stems are completely edible. Zest some garlic a little bit of water just To get things going and because this is a high-speed blender I’m gonna put the oil in here at the same time as everything else because I can’t pour it in from the top if you have a standard high-speed blender, you’re gonna put these things first blend them and then slowly drizzle in your olive oil so that Everything will emulsify but because I have used my smoothie blender or my drink blender I can do I can just put everything in here all at once so I’m just gonna go ahead and put this on the base and We’re gonna blend When you feel like you have everything all Blended up the way you want it to go ahead and call it good and there you go that’s exactly what you want it to look like that’s going to Soak right on into all that rice. I’m gonna add about a teaspoon of salt This is kosher salt If you’re going to use fine salt or table salt or canning salt, then you’re gonna want to use half that amount I’m gonna go ahead and give this a taste.

Oh, that’s good. Beautiful fresh crisp citrusy from the lime juice That’s gonna be wonderful on our rice Okay, I’m gonna go get the rice, and then we’ll come back and we’ll Okay. Our rice has steamed our cilantro lime. Pesto is ready to go And now all that’s left to do is marry the two together now. I’m going to be a little conservative And I’m not gonna put all of it. I’d say there’s about 3/4 of a cup of that pesto in there So what I want to do is I want to mix this up together And then I’m gonna taste it and if I feel like it can handle the rest of it Then we’re gonna go ahead and pop it in there. You can always save the rest for later You can drizzle it over eggs, you can drizzle it over a Taco or a salad like a vinaigrette. It’ll be great. I do want to taste it through the rice tastes fabulous without the pesto on it if I’m being honest I think I’m gonna stop there. I can taste everything and the cilantro is not overpowering which is really important. Just perfect. Yeah, It’s not too much So you can see there’s this much left I’d say about a half a cup Maybe maybe not there maybe like a quarter of a cup there but you have to do this to your personal taste if you are not like In the cheering section of cilantro But you can you enjoy it with certain flavors? Then you’re gonna want to be the one who determines how much of that pesto you put on here. Like I said Just toss that pesto in a little jar stick it in your fridge. It’s gonna last you a couple of weeks and It’s gonna be great. You can use it as a vinaigrette drizzle it overdressing use it as a marinade for chicken There are a lot of uses for that pesto So, all right They’re not overpowering just right And Ric would tell you if there was too much because he is not sitting in the cheering section of cilantro. That’s for sure. So That is how you make cilantro lime rice This is our version of it. It’s very similar to what you get at Chipotle mmm mine maybe a little on the Greener side than theirs.

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