3-Ingredient Cookie Dough Bites

3-Ingredient Cookie Dough Bites

3-Ingredient Cookie Dough Bites I got the idea after having vegan cheesecake that the base was just made from just oats and dates and I’d never thought about doing it before and it actually works really well because if you make it something like cashew nuts. it’s so more it should have loads and loads and loads so it’s why I have cashew nuts as a rare treat but whether it’s some oats it’s a bit dry it’s still tasty. but you just have one or two and you feel really satisfied you don’t like cashew nuts just have more and more and more. I’m using bog-standard dates mate it’s just normal50 days no added water or preservatives and dry and yeah the pits out them just because. they’re very cheap I mean this packet was one pound a tea and you really don’t need it. the expensive ones like plastic at the bottom and plastic at the top and they had each one individually wrapped seems like a lot of waste. where’s this well they do have plastic bees but I think there is a much better choice. I’m just using bog-standard oats for them. I have in the past been using gluten-free oats but as with budget restraints because. I’m actually fine with I know oats contain a southern similar to gluten without gluten or annealing or something like that which is if you look under. the microscope tree it’s quite similar to gluten that’s why it’s called out gluten.

3-Ingredient Cookie Dough Bites But it’s actually a very different thing we’re not that different it’s a bit different but three courses of people that have celiac seeds are actually fine with oats. so I just use normal oats this the bad news for this is just a standard one in a cardboard package. I mean they’re great oats like this because you want to choose oats that aren’t like super like. you want ones that I’m not sure this is sharp it’s incredible today but these are quite crumbly and they break and disintegrate down quite easily and that’s what you want to do. because you’re blending this and the blend you want to blend them until all the oats are broken down more or less into a dot you don’t want any so you get those really tough bits that just aren’t that great to eat you can make these raw. if you like by making a rule top flat coating instead of using pre-board chocolate to make them more’s the same recipe that I always talk about just 1/3 cacao butter 1/3 cacao powder and 1/3 of sweetener like maple soup. I know maple syrup isn’t raw but it’s generally accepted on the war food diet and then just mix them. altogether and the same with the oats they’re not technically war oats usually will be involved those of this have almost certainly been steamed and then bold but they. were often except on a war food diet well you can get totally. Ward’s but they’re incredibly expensive it goes strict you are even when I was on a raw food diet maybe 15 years ago which has some good points. I just don’t follow it all the time now I don’t think stealthy to pull it all the time for the chocolate in this.

3-Ingredient Cookie Dough Bites I’m using standard cooking chocolate well no it’s not standard cooking chocolate. it’s for me it’s standard chocolate that I’m actually using is an organic 84 percent cooking chocolate. because it actually vats free if you buy cooking chocolate and it’s in smaller lumps so it’s easier to melt. I do tend to get a high content of cocoa mass content chocolate just cuz it’s how it got less sugar in and with all the dates in this even. if you don’t like dark chocolate it’s just a thin wrapping of it and the depth of chocolate is really great this and it works really. well, think of this recipe pretty much like all of my recipes I generally keep it quite simple. because I’m quite simple and also it allows you to adjust it and add any flavors or flourishes that you like to I mean it Christmas. you want me to put some goji berries something to look like berries or you might to add some cranberries into the mixture or sprinkle with coconut or ground up stash you nuts. you just adopt this simple recipe however you like to add anything you’ve got in your store cupboard anything that you like. I mean you can add flavorings or orange oil I mean it’s endless. I won’t go on I made this isn’t a small jog or bullet type blender for this just cuz. it’s so versatile to make everything and because it’s such a small jog.

It works really well to blend it all up in one go without having to scrape down the side. so if your blender dish does struggle you will want to scrape down the sides you do want to blend this for quite a long time well. I say but not that long a minute or so but turn it off the moment you blended starts to stress. I probably I blended it all in one go and it was probably a bit too much. because there was smoke coming out of my blender but my blend has been used and abused for probably six years. I’ve been in this house and it’s still lasting fine but don’t listen to me and don’t overstretch your blender blend it in short batches and the moment you hear you can hear the motor when the motor is stressing and it’s just not grinding perfectly you can know it mightcause damage so you want to stop immediately give. you’ll finish blending the moment you can hear the blender stressing usually if you do have any comments or questions. about this recipe please do drop them down below and I’ll get back to you. I’m sorry if it’s a bit of a simple recipe. I’m kind of running on low into the creative energy and energy in general for this year and it’s so dark a bit dodgy it’s just because the weather is incredibly grey and torrential rain and usually, I’d shoot all my final results outside. but in the winter and the UK, it’s just not happening and it’s been raining for the last few days and I just can’t wait any longer.

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